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Outplacement for internationals

Outplacement services for internationals/ non-Dutch speakers

Outplacement is a service designed to assist employees who are transitioning out of their current employment and seeking new career opportunities. It provides guidance, resources, and expertise to help individuals successfully navigate this transitional phase. In most cases an outplacement program is offered by employers when an employee is unable to stay with the organisation, for example because of economic reasons of reorganisation.

Outplacement tailored to include the challenges of internationals

For international individuals facing outplacement, the experience can be different from that of a Dutch person. We recognize that cultural factors and language barriers can add complexity to the outplacement process. That's why we offer tailored support specifically designed to address the challenges faced by international professionals.

What our coaches can assist you with

Our outplacement services are designed to guide and support you through this transition, ensuring a smooth and successful career transition. Our experienced coaches can assist you with:

  • Evaluating your skills, strengths, and career preferences
  • Developing a compelling resume and optimizing your online presence
  • Providing guidance on job search strategies and accessing job opportunities
  • Offering interview preparation, including mock interviews and feedback
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the outplacement process

How outplacement is financed

In the Netherlands outplacement is usually financed by the employer. There is also a transitievergoeding (transitional budget) every employee has a right to if their contract is ended/discontinued by their employer without fault of their own.

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Our other services for internationals

Our team also offers career guidance, job search support, psychological coaching and cultural adaptation services for internationals.

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